Apr 7, 2009


Do you ever fell like that???? Lately, I have!
Guess who.........ROBERT THE KNITTED BEAR!!!! (I'm that close to finishing!! What? 3 years late?) Talk about a Wisp with a capital W..... I'll tell you more about it later. I was just SO happy to have some proof for my faithful readers that Robert really isn't some phantom bear project!!
Funny..she turned her head like, 'Get my good side!' We have a retriever that is not a retriever. Now, I know that is a blow to our faithful Nugget, but getting the 'duck' out of her mouth is like...I don't know what. It's a game she plays...she runs and brings us anything, but then the 'leave it' has to be said a million times. I've threatened that I'm going to call Cesar Millan on her, but she doesn't seem to care.

This is basically what Spring Break looked like for two weeks off and on...and boy, the WIND!
We watched the storms come across quickly. Within an instant it would look like this:

OH, my tree is big enough now! We bought it two little decorative bird houses...the tree beamed with pride! Just think one day- we'll hang a swing on it.... OK, I'm pushing it.


  1. The tree looks good to me! It's OK to think positively that it will be big enough for a swing someday!

    The bear all chopped up really made SweetPea a little sick to her stomach.

  2. nugget is gorgeous :-)

  3. I love that coy little pose. She looks very much like our Lucy.

  4. I think the little tree likes having the houses decorate it too!

  5. Happy the tree with the bird house in the limbs. And Nugget is such a precious poochie. That little take it if you dare look in her eyes. btw, she might not like to give it up because she found it after all. lol


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