Mar 30, 2009

Spring Break Times

Do you remember this picture before Spring Break????
This is during our Spring Break many times!!!!

Although, I'm very thankful for the much needed moisture for our area! Of course, we still have our rat infestation going on!!! (Romeo & Remy)

After the storm, there was a treat!

I'm working on Robert which is the very late February project (what month is it in two days?)...I'm almost thinking that Robert is doomed at the rate I'm going. For some reason, I just KNEW this was going to happen, but my whining about my wisp is the last thing you want to read about!
Tonight I'm enjoying my clouds.


  1. Great cloud photos! I am SO ready for spring.

  2. Beautiful beautiful skies photos.. thank you!

    rat infestation.. lol!! They are such cute little guys.


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