Mar 27, 2009


Hiya this is N (Ziggy) the awesome daughter of this blog master. I have taken over this blog post to show my art work that i have done. Appartently I am an artist.

This is a graphite pencil picture of my Converse with an Oriental themed background.
^Close up of the shoes and plum tree blossoms
^Oooooo. Doesn't the bird look hungry for the cute snail?
^Kind of full picture
^Full drawing.
Yay. I hope you enjoyed this less than hostile take over with a pretty picture;}
~Ziggy <3


  1. Love your drawings, people rarely post graphite drawings. Yours are nice.


  2. Just the beginning !Your talent hath no bounds at this point.....

  3. May the hostilities cease and the drawings be more frequently shared for all. Huzzah! You go Girl!

    The world needs more artists, so it does! Keep drawing and learning your art! :o)


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