Mar 25, 2009

Something New, Something Old

Some times you just have to have a WEDNESDAY!!!!! (...a 'sundae')

I have a collection that I'm very fond of.... my mini perfume bottle collection! 31 years ago an 81 year old lady known as 'Aunt' Betty in Alabama gently wrapped these with soft paper towels in a stationary box and gave them to my mom for me to keep (still have the box throughout all our moves!)...because whenever we would visit, I was so drawn to them I was only around 7!

I've looked on e-bay, but don't see anything like them!
..hand painted perhaps.

This is my favorite one! I don't want to get rid of them, but curious of what I have!


Chery said...

The crown bottle is from a fragrance called WindSong. The package seems to be purple in my mind. I remember my mom bought me one bottle at the drustore in the early sixties.

You have a nice little bottle collection.

Lilli said...

Sweet! I'm sure those two bottles are hand-painted. I have a plate that my great-aunt painted in her youth. Very nicely done. I think that painting china was something that young ladies did in those days.

Every Wednesday hubby and I crack open a bottle of wine :)

Cathy said...

I love bottles - and your collection is wonderful!!

zippiknits said...

What is it about tiny bottles? I love them, too. Very beautiful little collection. I have a tiny blue with a cork that was probably an ink bottle, and a snail from Avon that was my mom's. Some others, too. Thanks for sharing yours.

I love your Wednesdays, they look delicious!