Feb 9, 2009


It's windy today. Steady wind of 40 mph...gust up to 65 mph. Driving home this morning I was dodging tumble weeds. Really! ...when the wind is like this you can see families of tumble weeds crossing the road. Some were so big .....I really didn't want to hit with my car! Nugget really has the right idea!
OK, drum roll..........my February project is knitted 'Robert Bear'....I would show pictures, but....sadly, I don't have any from my computer loss. Now this WISP goes back to my Typepad days....waaaay overdue on this project that was originally for my son! I dislike the way the pattern is written, so I usually rewrite for my understanding. There's hope... only 19 days to finish it!
WOW, I was just reading this! This is a district east of us....same county. So sad and I'm sure quite alarming for the bus driver! Sounds like she did the right thing..protecting the kids from that this morning. Way to go to her!
Look what I found!!! How ironic....look at the time frame!!

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sonia a. mascaro said...

Nugget is really so cute.... so lovely!

Very sad the tragic death of a woman with only 35-year-old...