Feb 3, 2009

Well, the Ground Hog saw his Shadow!

Since I've lost all the pictures I wanted to share, I took this just a moment ago...it is SO beautiful today. One of those perfect Colorado days! As I drive through my morning routes, there is a time (around 7:21am this time of year) as the sun comes up the mountain range is purple. Today it was so clear I could see all the way towards Denver and south seeing the Spanish Peaks in Southern CO.
The air is very free from humidity as we are at 29%. Yesterday we were at 17%. Yes, lotion is a big commodity around here!
So, does the name William Thornton ring a bell? He was the original architect for our US Capitol. The Smithsonian magazine (Dec) had a great article. You know those road construction projects that take forever? Well, did you know the Capitol took 33 years? Yep, you guessed it- incompetent mgmt., labor disputes, and shoddy construction. The first foundation collapsed! Anyway, through the years they altered many things and had three other architects. You ever wonder why your state is the shape it is? There's a book about it! (that 'Traffic' book sounds intriguing, too!)

My mind is all over the place. One place it needs to be is regarding what my February project will be? Do I darn say (if you've been with me long enough) Robert the knitted bear? ...or a Frog's green doily? ...or a square afghan...or the green one...or two more of those crocheted shelf borders? This is why I've joined this project a month.... too much in the cache! It is the 3rd day of the shortest month....so I better decide! ... quickly


Lorette said...

Lovely mountain scene! And I love your tea kettle!

Deana said...

I'd like to visit Colorado. It seems like such an impressive, majestic place!

Lilli said...

We've had a couple gorgeous days too. It doesn't take much sun around here to make the contrast from our usual rainy days :)

Good luck wrestling your projects!