Feb 12, 2009

Plans for a Long Weekend

I have four days off (Fri-Teacher Workday no students, the weekend, Mon-Presidents Day) !!
Here are my goals for a wonderful time off:
*Crochet some hearts
*Make some serious headway on Robert!
*cont. to work on my wavy dishcloth
*cont. reading a book named Duma Key
*Feb. magazines! (behind already)
*Work on my Locomotion town (kind of like a SimsCity pc game)
*buy fabric and such for my daughters Prom dress (my very close friend is sewing it for me :)
-the very same friend that I made this bag for!! I enclosed a book and coffee gift card inside it for her birthday ;)
*go to the movies with my son
*start my N.Drew mystery computer game all over again.... (yet another thing I lost I was half way through....as well as my chess game....)

I will keep you posted on my results!!

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