Jan 5, 2009

Two Thousand and Nine snowflakes for sure!

The wind howled steadily.

This is what we found when we opened the door! (notice the imprint of the door on the drift)

The truck was still there. Again, I'm not crooked...it's just the incline.

The men braved it! (the dog? Well, she didn't last long-she wanted in quickly) I guess she wouldn't make it in the Iditarod, huh? ...wimpy golden retrievers! hehe
After the storm passed...this is the treat we were in for, but colder at 10 below!
The wind was so fierce...some sagebrush valleys seemed like it lacked the snow accumulation!
Here was the dirt road going out....thankfully the plow had come a few minutes before. In some places it would have been impassable. The wind was still there!

Amazing how just a few thousand feet of elevation can make a world of difference. The beautiful peaks ahead are Mt. Blanca, Little Bear, and Mt. Lindsey....all among the 14 thousand range.

Here we are going back down La Veta Pass...looking at Mt. Meastes. We took it slow. you know, the 'incline' thing....
OK, ENOUGH SNOW PICS! I'm cold just downloading them!

There was an audition the other day.....
interesting to see who showed up.

As always, I enjoy reading New Year thoughts on your blogs. There is a thought out there to come up with a theme or word. My word is: SIMPLICITY. Some times we can let life get a little more than it needs to be....I've also come across a wonderful simple group with a goal of dusting off some of those sloooow projects...you know the type and doing a Project A Month. Simple. After downloading the pictures above and rearranging them...since you only download 5 at a time and then the next five are placed above the the ones you just did....anyone know a trick to get around that? ANYWAY, it's the first time waking up at 4:40 am since Dec. 19th.....this is all I can do for now. Next time I'll share my thoughts surrounding my new year and add the button for the above Project A Month! A warm toasted cheese sandwich is calling....


Anonymous said...

WOW!! A lot of snow! Those picture are so beautiful. Glad you had a nice new year.

Good luck for "A Project a month" project!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photos Paula!

Deana said...

Oh my gracious. How have I missed being here and how did I miss all that snow! I wish we could have a little bit but goodness. It does make beautiful pictures but I think I would freeze.

Mary said...

I share "simplicity" with you, PJ. This will be the simplest year ever, if I have anything to do with it! :o)

I just love your view. Your home is beautiful and must be swarming with hundreds of species of birds and other critters. The mountains are breathtaking.

Your wimpy Golden Retriever is too pretty to work in the snow.