Jan 6, 2009

The In and Out of Grocery Shopping

With technology of today- really, how DO you get 300 songs on something that isn't even a half an inch thick? Remember the brick size 'Walkman'? If only the kids on the bus knew we felt soooo cool having one!
ANYWAY, one thing that doesn't change with technology is the process of grocery shopping! Sure...some places have auto-checkouts, but the process is the same. You put everything IN the cart, you take everything OUT of the cart at the check out, you put the bagged items back INto the cart, roll it to your patiently waiting vehicle. You know, I can just imagine my car 'talking' to 'everyone' around it- anyway, at this point you take your bags OUT of the cart and put them IN your car and drive merrily home. Almost there- you take your bags OUT of the trunk and, in my case, up one step into the house from the garage. I usually have about 10 bags, so that means 3 trips up and down two flights of stairs. NOW, it's time to take your items OUT of the bags.
Although, my overall feeling concerning grocery shopping is - 'I don't like it', I have to admit at this point is where my selfish, lazy, negative feelings about the process MELTS away with the feeling of being absolutely blessed to simply have these items to put away....
...it really puts things in perspective.
The new Care & Share facility, that is within walking distance from our home, has opened!! We want to donate our time very soon, so I just sent an e-mail out to see the opportunities available for myself and the kids to give back!!
Please watch the video...it's 9 minutes, but very worthwhile!
....it really puts things in perspective.


Abby Creek Art said...

Oh...the worst part for me is taking things OUT of the bags and putting them away. Icky poo!

Happy New Year, PJ!

Lilli said...

I know, we should never complain. There are so many people much less fortunate. Thanks for putting things into perspective :)

Cathy said...

M and I try to donate a grocery list a month to Weld Co food pantry. it reminds us how fortunate we are.

Yes, we had those terrible Boulder winds but fortunately no damage.