Jan 2, 2009

Happy Two Thousand Nine!...but wait

Over the hills to Grandmother's house we go.... This is overlooking La Veta area.

Up La Veta Pass we go....a certain mail company still working to get those packages to their destination on time...this Christmas Eve morn!

The wind was remarkable!!!! (A hint of things to come....)

This is the 'main' dirt road to my parents house...
ahhh, we finally made it with no problem...I am not crooked taking this picture-driveway is really this steep!
Goodies ready for our enjoyment...

Santa's goodies...both are too old for it, but one still enjoys the thought of...


We enjoy our gifts!

Even Nugget enjoys hers...she blends in so well with the cabin!

Yours truly...enjoying her new sewing basket and a surprise 'J's' gift card!

Thank you big brother and DSI ...a touch of tropics in a winter wonderland! ("Dear Sister Inlaw"....my bro probably didn't know that)
What better way to end the day with some Madden09?

It was soooooo cold (5 below)and forceful steady wind (felt like 30-50) all day...we all enjoyed this woodstove and fireplace that Dad kept going well!



sonia a. mascaro said...

That looks a wonderful time! Love all photos!


Deb G said...

Wow, looks like an adventure! Hope your holidays were all happiness!

Jessica said...

well you got good presents this year~
my present to myself: a 44" rotary cutting mat, yay!