Dec 1, 2008


Our first days of snow!

Hope our rabbits are picking up the pine cones!

Our county snow plow on top of things! Since our road leads to a school, we get first rate service!
One of our three Blue Spruce trees in the front yard.

Time to put up the Weber?

Mr. Snowman Cookie Jar says, 'Make sure to recycle your batteries -don't toss them in the trash!'
...I don't know where this came from! I finally found a large yogurt container (another way of recycling) to hold the many I'm collecting. It is that time of year to change out the FIRE ALARM & CO detector batteries! Please remember! Consider this your public service announcement for the day :)


Lilli said...

Snow? I'd love to have some :) We've got predictable west coast overcast skies and/or drizzle.

Amen to the battery issue! We've got a box full of our old ones

Brahdelt said...

We had two days of snow last week and now it's Autumn again. ^^

Abby Creek Art said...

We got another two inches up here in Boulder last night. Love Mr. Cookie Jar!