Nov 29, 2008

Busy Times

Look what I finished on Thanksgiving Day! Oh, the fun of weaving ends...
Finished my Hedgehog baby...long overdue!
.".and to think she didn't drop a crumb for me!!??"

Today my son (who is one of those all Christmas type people) drank his hot-cocoa, listened to Direct TVs 'Holly', and put up the Christmas tree....from start to finish...ending with his train set placed carefully under the tree.
To Do List:
- finish Xmas Cards COMPLETE**
-Mail different items out
-Do the budget COMPLETE**
-Trip to Craft store for a very small item to finish some homemade gifts
-Finish amiguri hedgehog COMPLETE**
-Return an item my husband double bought for half the cost on Black Friday...why does it have to be labeled 'black'?
-Finish my son's scarf COMPLETE**
-Read my easy on the brain book-'Dakota Born' (Macomber)
-Work on a crochet bag and doily that are quickly becoming a UFO and post finished picture on blog!!!
I'm thinking if I make public my To Do List, things will get completed! I have had a very restful three days off (5 with the weekend)...I'll be ready to start the December month!
**Thanks for listening and may everything on your list get completed smoothly**


sonia a. mascaro said...

Congratulations on your complete task on your To Do List. Love your son's photo with this beautiful and colorful scarf!

Have a nice Sunday!

Lilli said...

Good for you! Once my student recital is done tonight, I'll be able to start my own list. I've been working on Christmas cards these last couple evenings in front of the TV, though :)