Dec 4, 2008

My Day

Have you ever wondered what my day looks like?
(kind of odd that the big golden retriever is curled this tightly...she usually doesn't do that) Anyway, she stays warm! Please put on your coat and hat!
I just backed out of my driveway this afternoon from the left about to go north on our street......yes, my car already lets me know...'Slippery Road'

Thank if I could not SEE that! Geez, cars nowadays... they think they know everything!

I drive 10 miles east out of the city to our district's main office. My bus is awaiting her pretrip for the afternoon. As you see, I have various things taped to the ceiling. When kids give me drawings or I find them....I put up their masterpieces. Also, the elementary have their names over their seats. Ah, a bus is already leaving for their route behind me as you can see.

Here is the view down the line...notice all the little buses are plugged up so their engines will start in this cold weather this afternoon. I'm sure they were sharing their morning stories with each other as they rested.
OH, notice my knitting counter that I use to count KIDS! It's been a hoot with everyone...other drivers and kids alike. 'What in the world is that?' hehe...would any of my blog readers have to ask? ;)

The view while I pump down my brakes. (CDL standards and procedures we have to do in pre-inspections) You are looking east towards the plains.

Now here is where you will have to use your imagination because my route has absolutely no time to breathe, take pictures, watch the roads, watch other crazy time to sight-see. I will say a bus in 11 degree weather completely warms up inside after about 15 minutes...but then it's either too hot or too in between. Now, if I were to drive around never opening the door then it would be no problemo, but kids do have to get off the bus...and the only way is a air powered door (days of metal handle door opener are over) which happens to be directly besides ME whips open and that 15 minutes of warmth is GONE.....GONE I TELL YA! My numbers were after 112 children (not at once three diff. schools...three diff. areas of town) I could NOT believe that THIS was the only stuff left on the floor! There was a drawing, a string, and two small candy wrappers that I through in the trash....

....but after three schools, this is remarkable. HA...guess they were cold and just wanted to get home today. Of course, the snow, dirt, and grim on these wet days causes sweeping twice a day instead of just once! That doesn't matter, what DOES is that every single one of them made it to their bus stop safely!!! (...and actually I was only averaging about 5 minutes late every where today...which again, is remarkable considering the weather/roads) I remember years ago when my kids were really small...I'd look at my watch and wonder where my kids were if the bus was late by 5 minutes~ I never considered the domino effect that occurs...perhaps late pulling out because of a very organized parking and three buses up was missing a student...but that was two schools ago and there was no way of making up time....things such as speed limits and lights and cars cutting in front, etc. Now I understand such things...and realizing a bus driver DEFINITELY does NOT want those kids on there longer then they need to be in the afternoon!! hahahaha!

Going home the visibility was a little less....

and the highways were getting icy, but....

we made it home SAFELY!!! (if you click we look like a sparkled Christmas card)

Nothing like coming home to a warm dancing RAT! My daughter does the rat dance with Romeo...he seems to like it! His feet and hands (excuse me, paws) are soooo cute and pink! Oh, and that nose!

Catch Nugget's eyes in this one! 'whyyyyy are you putting a rat on my head??'

Thanks for coming along...tomorrow we will look forward to Friday's adventures!


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

That was a great insight to your day. A cold one, but awesome. Thanks for sharing. I might have to do that one day.

Apple said...

I love seeing other driver's buses. Am I just missing it or is there no side emergency door? I worked for a place that had electric to warm the engines once. I think we'll have them at our new garage - that we were supposed to move into in Sept.

I'm glad you mentioned your pretrip. Most people think we just start 'em up and off we go.

It looks like your driving conditions are very like mine. Are we crazy or what? lol Snow or no snow it's still the best job I've ever had.

Lorette said...

That's a fun view of your day! I'd hate having to drive in that weather, though.

Lilli said...

What a great post! It was probably fun to share it, huh? Your job is solitary and then crowded/noisy, and then solitary again. So much contrast :)

Takako said...

I really respect what you do for the kids everyday. I like your idea of putting the drawing up in the ceiling! That makes kids feel comfortable riding your bus. I can tell how much you love your job by reading this post.

sonia a. mascaro said...

I enjoy so much seeing your day! Thanks for sharing!

LOVE Nugget! She is very cute!

Cathy said...

What a journey you took us on. Lots of fun to see through your eyes!!