Dec 9, 2008

1st SNOW DAY of the YEAR!

First, it started like this. Snow rarely falls vertically here... One of those nights your thankful to have such a nice warm house to be still in. I don't have a fireplace, but I still feel cozy with my insert. Last night it was wet snow just melting away on the pavement.

This is one of last weeks picture because it's still dark right now. This is how it continues: 4:20-'Good Morning Paula, this is Chris, we have a 2 hr. delay' So, I get up and go to the bathroom to make my next call and not wake my husband further. I call the next name on the 'snow list' "Ron? this is Paula, we have a 2 hr. delay" I go tell my daughter who heard the phone. I sneak back in my bed and adjust my alarm to 6:40 and snuggle back into my warm spot. It took me a year to get over this stuff and be able to fall back to sleep....Even back into my dreams. RING!!!!!!! I jerk awake once more 4:40am- 'Paula, this is Chris again, we are closed' my pattern continues. Afterwards, I try to lay back down. There really is no use! So, now I'm sitting here and making a list of all the little things I can do today. I usually complete a lot on days like this with no time schedules. My husband left right after I got up as he has to travel to Denver...yes, even in this weather for some all-important meeting with the Captain. Perhaps a conference call would be better? He took the govt. vehicle I will be calling him in a little bit to see what he's experiencing. So, I continue to enjoy my coffee. Roads are pure ice and temps don't look like they will go over 20 and wind is 30 mph. I think they made a good call. It's not about the amount of snow...although, the north part of our district goes into the Black Forest region that can get snow accumulation..last week a bus got stuck but, it's for lowering the chances of other vehicles sliding into us!...or worse, a child.
This type of weather makes too many parents get on the road with their child instead of riding the bus because either the bus is late or they feel safer doing that.
I turn the tree on and enjoy that quiet scene this morning. Doesn't everyone do that at 6:30 am?
Well, at least I don't have to get my paws cold this morning !!!
Have a good day at whatever you do! I'll take this snow- day for all of you ;)


Lilli said...

Thanks for the peek into your otherworldy morning :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I getto share a mornign with you!! Love the tree. and I love night photos of snow!Nugget looks like she was having a good ya! Tracy

Anonymous said...

What a nice day off for you and kids! We had really bad stormy weather and lost power for a few days in September and had to use "Snow days" for those days. I'm sure our Real snow days will be coming up soon.
We turn the tree every morning until we head out to work, too.
Love to see Nugget sniffing the snow!! Cute!

Jessica said...

your tree is beautiful. i enjoy ours in the middle of the night too, when i'm wandering the house to get george back to sleep. we keep it on as a night light...

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photos, Paula! Love so much snow's pictures!
Looks Nugget love the snow, isn't?

sonia a. mascaro said...

I forgot to say that your Christmas tree is gorgeous!

Cathy said...

Brrr.... nice to have snow days. Even tho we were way below zero (-22) school was still in session.