Nov 21, 2008


I'm trying to hold on to Fall, but part of me wants Snow.....of course, snow and my job don't really mix well. This post resembles my mind right now. It's all over the place with no firm vision. I should be doing a host of other things....
I just noticed the date on my daughter's camera is incorrect. This RAT was born April '08! The sweet Romeo enjoying a carrot!

Good & Evil friends? (oh, she corrected the date)

My daughters photography...

WHY WE NEED FRIENDS! Nugget and her new buddy on my parents front porch.
Have a great day!


sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Paula,
Nice photos! But my preferred is of course, Nugget! Love Nugget!
Have a great weekend!

Brahdelt said...

Nugget is beautiful! I wish I had a dog like this one day.
It's been snowing today over here, seems like Winter is coming early this year.

carolyn said...

We had snow at the weekend, all gone now of course but it arrived earlier than usual so merited a little blog mention. Love your daughter's photograph I sometimes use my sons pics they are better than mine, especially animal ones he has more patience.