Nov 14, 2008

Bookmark Need

The book I'm trying to finish is one I take everywhere but, the book mark was always falling out.. you know, I sometimes carry books around without even the intent of reading. They are my friends- somehow I read by osmosis.... but then I see what chapter I'm on. Jokes on me. So, I had an idea of a simple bead ribbon. It doesn't fall out.
What does your bookmark look like today?


Lilli said...

My hubby discovered a unique little bookmark in his latest library book. It's a little metal arrow that works like a paper clip, but that also points to exactly which paragraph you left off.

Not as attractive as your bookmark, though :)

mary ann said...

i can tell you... NOT AS GOOD AS THAT ONE
mine is a paper bookmark i picked up at Powell's in Portland last year. you know the kind they leave on the counter for free. i'm still using it.