Jul 4, 2008

Summer Antics

It's a treat to be able to go to the Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs, especially while enjoying watching the Olympic Trials nightly on television!

Who else would have 'Speedo' stickers on their trash can? My daughter pointed this out to me as we were parked behind the facility. I'm sure people watching me take a picture of a trash dumpster thought I was absolute loony! As far as American dumpsters go...this is a pretty one though!!! ;)
Some times I feel like this...ha! Gorgeous sculptures!
What is more Americana that catching some 'baseball'. Look towards the left and you will see the moon coming up!

I'm in love with my blanket flowers. They are attracting 'sweat bees' at the moment.
Now it's Christmas in July! There is a place up in the foothills called, 'Santa's Workshop' I went here when I was 3. My folks flew from FL on vacation...back when they were buying up property. You know, back then in FL being able to tell the fellas, 'Yea, we have land in Colorado' type thing. Anyway, I was concerned my kids were too old. wrong! They enjoyed it very much. Notice my daughters shoes!
Yes, they stamp the mail 'North Pole'
Christmas music filtered the entire park. (yes, that is my son in one of the ornaments!)
Happy 4th of July from our home to yours!

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zippiknits said...

That is a lovely photo journal of good things to visit around Colorado Springs. Thank you, and yes, the dumpster is one of the more handsome ones.

Cute stripy shoes on the girl, and great smiles on both!

Sweat bees are brand new bees to me. So green and cute! The flower pics are so lovely. Thanks for sharing all of this. You have me Smiling.. :)