Jul 8, 2008

Life in the High Plains

Kind of a wordless post today...just revisiting the 'Painted Mines' that we visited in June. At first, all you see is vast dryness, but soon realize how lively it really is if you just look & listen. Just pondering the conditions these plants have to endure.... or rather, flourish in!
How do we flourish in the conditions or situations we are given?

A herd of deer or pronghorn raced towards the right middle triangle part in the pic. Can you spot them?
A meadow lark brought music to us while we had our picnic.

What a cozy coat!
A wild rose that had the sweetest rose smell ever!
Indian Paint Brush.

Lovely color orange.
Talk about matching your surroundings!
I've always loved 'Horned Toads'. Nothing 'horned' about it...very soft! I think they are adorable!
Splash of yellow.
Ummm... excuse us- we will be on our way to give the beetles some privacy! :+o


sonia a.m. said...

What a beautiful images, PJ!
So cute those tiny 'Horned Toads'! He looks very tame.

Thanks for your visiting and comment. I think that the first dog is a stray dog, I guess he havent't an owner. Poor guy...

carolyn said...

Wonderful place to visit, so jealous that you actually see horned toads in their natural habitat, I saw a pair in the pet store yesterday. Not quite the same.

Deana said...

I didn't realize you could pick up horned toads like that. We don't have those around us but they do look cute.

Mirre said...

Thanks for that lovely tour!
That horned toad looks so cute... I have never seen one!

zippiknits said...

Wonderful pictures of wildlife and flowers. The rose is amazing in that it's growing out of some sort of rock it seems. Love that plump little horned toad. We used to see them all over the place here and now, not hardly ever. It's so cute!