Jul 18, 2008

It's a Boy!

THEN 12 years later.......these are the things I find around the house that makes me scratch my head!

I suppose my dinner table vase is a convenient place for his baseball! (?)
A 'neat' pile of Legos ...awaiting his next invention.
shoes after mowing lawn...is that the best place for them? (yes, stage right...'dog' always- I tell 'ya...)
'What?' you ask... those are ortho rubber bands that seem to get all over the place.
The 'neatness' of the back room!
The favorite gator-aid bottle with water.
Birthday breakfast!
Amazing how time has flown by! Going into 7th grade...I really can't believe it...this is my BABY! Life of a 12 year old boy is indeed interesting...it's a time of starting to show the confidence within himself...maybe not needing Mom as much :{ yet, at times the legos are still there. Life of a 12 year old boy! 12 yrs ago I went into labor when the Hurricane Bertha threatened the FL coast and our inter coastal areas were evacuated. During this birthday another Hurricane Bertha was out there in the Atlantic, and thankfully dwindled out...but it was out there strong on his birthday! Just a little ironic.


sonia a.m. said...

A Very Happy Birthday Terence! He looks a great and adorable boy! Love his smile! Great post, Paula!
Have a nice weekend!

zippiknits said...

Happy Belated 12th Birthday. Terence! That is a lovely cake and I hope you got to eat a lot of it, too. ooo pancakes, too, and prezzies! Looks like you had a super day.