Jul 24, 2008


Some crocheted necklaces I made for my dear friends children! Made with glass beads.
A knitted sachet I sent along to my friend! I filled it with a replaceable pouch filled with that 'Sea Spray' potpourri from JoAnn's.
One for myself ;)
How to wash dishes! (notice hair) Romeo loves hanging out on her shoulders and under her hair. THIS is Remy! I'm not sure I shared a picture of him. They very much enjoy each others company and have very diff. personalities.
Shhhh...Romeo catching some zzzz's. again, his favorite place!
Remy is a hooded rat..although couldn't be shown (yes, rats are bred and shown like dogs) because of the break in the line on back. D'rats'! He loves to cuddle and quick to 'chatter'- which is kind of startling if you don't know what it is. It's like a 'purr' while chattering teeth-if he gets going good his eyeballs bounce doing it. This is a sign of extreme loving you. He doesn't NOT like being on your shoulders. His fur is very soft and smooth and his ears are on top of his head and has very large back feet....oh, and doesn't mind baths! Romeo (on the right) is just the opposite...he is a buff Dumbo rat. Ears on the side of his head, coarser fur, loves shoulders, hates baths. It takes a lot for him to chatter. He is the timid one (quick to run to Natasha's safety)although between the two he is the boss. (two weeks older)
They really are great pets :)


Lilli said...

So cute :) It's nice to hear about their personalities because I never had one. I did have rabbits and a gerbil, though.

Brahdelt said...

They are so cute! I never kept rats (or anything smaller than a cat) but it seems that they are fun, more than hamsters or guinea pigs. *^v^*

vanessa said...

show rats- who'd a thunk it?

zippiknits said...

Rats are very loving little pets. Our kids loved theirs.

Sometime in the future I might just get some more of them. We always went to the barns at the fair when the rats were being shown. I loved the way that they would beg for popcorn.