Jun 16, 2008

Gloomy Monday

Obviously, this wasn't taken today, but I'm in love with my Silvia's & Roses.
The All Knowing Golden Nugget, disapproves of today...there is no sun nor any view of mountains. My Blanket Flowers are blooming though... (from seeds last year) :)
So, what do we do with a gloomy day?

The Pig (with a bracelet around it's neck), the Rat, and the Mouse want to know.
We make an attempt of matte gel transfers! (notice the blob on the top of the paper) hmmmm... not sure Romeo approves.
Here is a creative thought for you. You know those wonderful zippered plastic bags that sheet set or blinds come in? Well, I've decided to use them for a handy bag for two of my projects projects (Robert Bear & Frogs 'Lilly pad'). There is a handy pocket that had the cardboard picture of the contained items. I use it for my notepad and pens. Again, this was taken

a few weeks ago. SO! We are starting our fourth week of school break... I've been spinning my wheels....so to speak in many ways:

yes, that is what we call 'insurance will go up' piece of paper that I signed and put my own CDL on the line for.... I mean, my daughter got an 100% on her test to get a Drivers Permit!!

This makes me smile today!


sonia a.m. said...

Your post today is GREAT!
Congratulations to your daughter! She looks beautiful and very happy!

So beautiful your flowers!
And as always, I love Nugget! She has an adorable expression in this picture!
So cute the Pig and the Rat, too.

Sharon said...

What a great idea for the zippered bag, I have some of those saved.
Beautiful daughter!

carolyn said...

So the birds fledged and not into Nuggets mouth!
Love the pic of Ratty.

MarĂ­a Elena said...

Beautiful roses! Your garden is pretty, my roses are pruned now. Congratulations to your daughter!

zippiknits said...

We have a hot monday, but down from 110. So, you got our clouds, did you? lol

Congratulations to your lovely daughter in getting "The Permit". That's a big milestone! whoot!

I love those zippered bags,too, even to the point of trying to actually make one. You can't just go out and buy linens for the nifty bags. It's sad isn't it?