Jun 23, 2008

Day Trip

The 1878 Hornbek Homestead
Some sights from the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

I finally bought one of those Passports To Your National Parks and used todays stamp! One step towards my goal to see every Monument & Park, right?

We traveled the 'back way' to Cripple Creek, CO. I stopped to let some pushy motorists by and there sat this beautiful house! This stuff goes to my soul. I love old buildings. The door seems odd to me.
I tend to wander when I want to explore. I really don't care if I get lost. I tend to want to see the back streets.
To wonder the history behind this building that some people may think is 'ugly'...

The petrified Redwood tree stump!
The beautiful tuffed ear squirrel!
More stumps that once lived. The Cenozoic Era.
My kids finding this sign....just plain funny...don't ask- it's their age!
Aspen trees signing their tune as a rainstorm approached. You can see more here.

We are in the Neogene Period of the Cenozoic Era. We are just a blink in time...our time on Earth. There will always be climate changes as extreme history has shown, but with this geological time that may stretch as far into the future as time behind us extends into the past...how will each of our diminutive 70-90 years in life change the process?

Just a thought.


Lilli said...

I love the backroads too. And like you I wonder about what those times were like, when the general store was built, when there was a family in that farm house...

Wouldn't time travel be great?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm maybe if I ever get out there. It looks like it would be alot of fun...The kids are changing so much. maybe not N but T definitly. Is he as tall or taller? "A" would feel small as she is 4 ft 11in and has not grown in two years.love ya, tracy

Cheryl Finley: said...

Oh PJ, these are gorgeous pictures, which I'm sure hold gorgeous memories. Ilove seeing the nature shots and all the open space in CO. The dog is so cute... What beautiful, smiling children you have :) Life is good...isn't it?

And...thank you so much for visiting my blog..and commenting. It's always nice to meet a sister-blogger. I look forward to visiting again.

Deana said...

That is a deep thought. I enjoyed your photo tour!