Jun 8, 2008

Flying Lessons

My bench is getting a spot!

What was I doing 10 years ago:

We were living in Jacksonville, FL, I was going to college, my son was almost 2 yrs. old, my daughter was in 2nd grade, I was pretty much being the Mom that does all! (taking care of kids, house, going to school myself, juggling babysitting, I had a part-time job at the college....husband was stationed on the USS Spruance and probably on a 6 mos cruise or 3 month anti-drug op cruise) I was tired!

Getting the bubble just right!

What are 5 things on my to-do List for today:

Jog with Nugget around my son's schools track just behind us...

Start a thread crochet doily...

Continue working on 'Robert' knitted bear...

Move some rocks?

Relax! Oh, need to oil my sewing machine

Job well done! (the Robin poo is getting to be a little too much!)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

I've honestly thought about this...even my husband the other day said, 'If I ever won the lottery' (we never play) I'd build myself a huge greenhouse' (!?) Kind of humorous...I know most people would say other things. The common things that most people would come up with we just wouldn't want!

Personally, I would buy new pick-up and a pop-up pick-up trailer (for the ease of getting everywhere), various gear, a mega camera, and travel the great USA and visit every National Park and National Monument there is. It's really that simple. Needless to say it doesn't take much to make me a happy camper in life ;) Look at Mary's new camera! (scroll down) ...but to have the unlimited time and gas...I know this all wouldn't take a billion dollars, but this would be my dream right now!

Ah, a nice bench to view a new perspective of the yard!

Places I have lived:

Since birth in St.Petersburg- FL, Hendersonville-NC (for one year only) then to Conifer, Evergreen, Bailey, & near La Veta Pass area- all in Colorado, San Diego-CA (two different times '90 & '03), North Chicago- IL (for a school my husband went to), Jacksonville-FL, & Colorado Springs- CO (two different times '92 & '07) and hope it stays like that for many years to come!

It's getting cramped in here! Click to see all sets of eyes!

Jobs I have had:

Dental Tech in the Navy, accounting/computer tutor, assistant bookkeeper, asst. full-charge bookkeeper, at-home bookkeeper, & school bus driver, and full-time Mother mixed in there many years!

People I want to enjoy to get to know:

I say if, after reading this you are encouraged to do the same, leave me a comment that you have done the same and I would love reading yours ;))

One less...and this morning another goes flying! 3 to go...


Brahdelt said...

Thank you for doing the meme! I love getting to know people better. *^v^*
What a cute little bench you have, it goes perfectly with the green lawn and the brown fence.

Leah said...

the bench looks great! and oh those birdies are too cute. :-)

Mary said...

Gosh, after reading this post I'm exhausted. And I thought *I* was always busy! It's good to know you better. While reading this a song kept playing in my mind, "...If I had a million dollars I'd buy you a green dress" by Barenaked Ladies, I think. I always loved that song. If I had a million dollars, I'd still drive my Honda and buy DELUXE mac and cheese :o)

Sweet finches. Nice bench, too. I've been wanting a bench near the pond.