May 30, 2008

A Special Day

A special daughter.
Turning into a beautiful wonderful young woman. (don't laugh, my son is teaching the girls the Soulja Boy Crank It dance...yes, they are a little behind)
This basically says it all!!
A very smart, witty, respectful, funny, with a keen sense of self and those around her....(Note: Pooh's birthday, too!)
May 30, 1992
My baby is 16!!
Happy Sweet Birthday to our Daughter!


Sue said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Brahdelt said...

Happy birthday! *^v^*

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

A Very Happy Birthday to Natasha! She is very beautiful and looks adorable! Many hugs to you all!

Jeanne said...

Happy sweet 16 to your dear Natasha! Hey, that Soulja Boy Crank It dance looks like fun. Maybe they should add it to the Dancing With The Stars routines?!

Mirre said...

Happy belated birthday, Natasha!