May 28, 2008

A Misty Garden Morn

Not a pretty sight/site...either way-still a WIP with rocks! I think I have a Alice In Wonderland garden! I have some proportion trouble, but it's kind of whimsical to me. When we moved in the poor bush on the left I found was crushed by rocks and only had a couple of flattened stems...obviously, it is very thankful and growing well for me. Then the newcomer moved in- Mr. Dwarf Alberta Spruce. I love these little guys. So much so, we have named them. First we bought three- Larry, Curly, & Mo last year. This season we bought three more- Huey, Duey, & Lewy. No, we don't get them confused. Of course, start from the left of the garden and move right..
Yet to see a frog, but 'ya know...I'm clearing the way for them! Click to enjoy the dew droplets!
What I have strained my back's feeling better though. Again, more sessions 'playing with rocks' needed! Please birdies come...haven't seen one, yet.
Remember my indoor seeds I was sooo proud to start last year when we moved in? Well, looks like my perennial Blanket Flowers and Purple Cone Flowers will produce a mature look this year! The dew makes the plants look fuzzy...Don't you love striped rocks?
The twig of last year with wire around it...has become a tree and as you can see is attended to well.
That idea of Alice In Wonderland in my garden is conjuring up all kinds of ideas right now!

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Cathy said...

Thanks for thinking of me in previous post. We have power but dial-up is very very slow.

Congratulations for your 1st year of bus driving. I'm proud of you!!

Love your garden and I have a concrete bird bath just like that one. And do the birds use it? No. They prefer the cruddy rubber horse grain pan. I guess we got the pretty ones for us, huh?