May 1, 2008


First, Nugget isn't feeling well. I believe she may have the sniffles. Goop in her eyes, runny nose, sleeping all the time. We are seeing the vet in about 30 minutes!

Maybe she is depressed because there is no sun! Yesterday we were in the 80's! Today this is what it looks like:

I just bought that cute little planter chair a couple of days ago!
My frog is wondering what is going on.
Getting worse by the minute! These spring snows melt quickly and provide lots of I don't mind. Just crazy how one day could be so different from another.
I will leave you with May flowers!
They drew dropped yellow one is my favorite! Happy May! I'll let you know about the appt. soon....


Lorette said...

Pretty, pretty flowers! Hope the puppy feels better soon!

Susan said...

I'm not sure why, but May seems to be starting like March did. I hope Nugget just has a little cold and nothing serious. Have a good weekend -- I hope you get some sunshine!

Lilli said...

Bizarre weather :) Hope Nugget's feeling better. We used to give our dog cod liver oil when she had a cold (not that she appreciated it!)

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

I hope that Nugget will feel better very soon! LOVE Nugget as you know! She looks adorable!

Nice photos, PJ!

zippiknits said...

Something must be going around. Same thing here for doggy dog. I hope Nugget is soon well! Let us know what the vet says?

Thank you for the beautiful flower pictures. A real cheeryouup to see them.

Tracy Lee said...

Love the pictures of the flowers.My tulips did not come up this year, was disappointed.