May 4, 2008

Can I Charge Rent?

The house finches are back in the nest that was used last year! If you look back at my 6/1/07 will see why this year we will be more careful letting the Golden Wolf out. Apparently I can't hypertext it because I didn't have a title to it... you can click to see the bird up close..I had to take it through the window-I didn't want to scare the father.
A finished project! A crocheted choker for my daughter who is about to turn 16 end of this month! I can't believe that.
Made with size 10 black DMC Perle thread, 8mm glass beads, and a charm she picked out. I am very pleased how it came out and how good it looks on her!
....well, anything looks good on her, or should I say, she makes whatever is on her -look good :))
Thank you everyone for your concern for Nugget! The vet ruled out any infection, did a eye staining to check for ulcers and scratches (all clear)- the vet was really quite stumped. The pressure in her eyes were low. It's a mystery, but he gave us steroid drops to bring the pressure up. After three days her eyes slowly got better and today was the first day they look completely normal. The drops given three times a day will be given for 4 more days. So we will see.


Cathy said...

When you ascertain the going rate for finch nest rental - let me know. I have a pair who owes several years of back rent!

N is always gorgeous and wears it well!

Keeping the Golden Wolf in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Annalee LOVES the choker! Tell N she looks beautiful.Glad Nugget is ok . Take care.Tracy

carolyn said...

Poor Nugget, bet she hates those eye drops! Beautiful choker and how lovely that the finches returned you must be a good landlord. We have blackbirds nesting this year(despite the cats) they already have young I heard them cheeping yesterday.

bookwoman said...

The choker is beautiful! (As is N.)

Hope the puppy improves.

zippiknits said...

What a beautiful daughter and a beautiful necklace. Wishes for a very Happy Birthday coming up later.

Hope that Nugget keeps getting better. It's hard when they can't tell you what is going on, not in so many words anyway, but at least the worst has been ruled out.