Apr 3, 2008

The Story of my Spring

Your blogs I like reading are showing lovely springtime photos of birds, bees, & blooms... we are still waiting.

New growth peeking through...Recycling at it's best.....
...with Nugget's approval.
I have a 'pet' peeve to confess...I do not like picking up water dog bowls and getting wet, so I devised a this bowl with a handle!
wa-la...problem solved! Also, seems like it holds more than a regular bowl. Nugget isn't the type of dog that turns over her bowls, so it is only a bad thing if this is empty and blows around the yard and she find it to be a new toy! In a years time I've only used three of these. Plus, having this outside really lessens the water bowl mess inside!


Sonia said...

Hi PJ! I love seeing Nugget anytime! Just adorable!
Many hugs!

DM said...

What a great idea for a dog bowl! I'm going to pass it on to Billy since dog watering is his job. I hope your spring break was great and spring comes soon.

Regina said...

We have a similar amount of green in our central Iowa yard.
What a clever water bowl idea!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

What a cleaver idea for a
water bowl!

Have a Creative Blessed Year!!!