Apr 2, 2008

The Story of my Dust

It's a ghastly sight...

Holes gone! (still wet spots)
Pardon the flash...
Lacking the white trim, but I just was excited- the paint color came out pretty well in this photo.....love the low water toilet effectiveness, too ;)

Is it April already? Well, April 1st was no joke...it was my Official Spring Cleaning Day even though there were snow flurries and overcast weather. I just had to because of the major home improvement (pipes) and THEN drywall fixin'....there was no way of living in this house comfortably any more until I cleaned up! Now, I'm giving kudos to the workers of both the jobs...first, for jobs well done and secondly, for how dependable, prompt, and CLEAN they were. BUT...there was a white sheen everywhere because when they started cutting into the drywall in the ceilings I let the central heat go on...so certainly a lovely way of spreading fine white dust through your house!!! My husband has also finished the hall bathroom!

Whew...all of this is complete... until this summer (the kitchen). Hmm...let me just enjoy the dust free environment for a little bit!

'Jo-Jo' says "Hi!" We even cleaned her environment as well ;)

All is neat and tidy at Golden Oasis!


zippiknits said...

Jo-Jo (the cutey pie)looks very happy! And I'll bet you are, too. We had a messy bathroom remodel about four years ago so I understand the dust part. We will probably start the kitchen this Spring or Summer. Some one coming on Monday for an estimate on resurfacing things. Joy Joy Joy. It's easily been twenty years since it was first started.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you will probably find drywall dust for at least the next month! But it sure looks nice.

I missed the post office hours Sat. The hours were 9-11 and I thought they were 10-12.

But your mittens WILL be there.

Your mitten pal