Apr 4, 2008


There is a video in this link above that I think absolutely everyone should watch!
It is about 20 minutes long, but well worth is and quite funny, too!

***This next part is my take on some subjects...one of those things I don't usually do in my blog, so if you don't want to get 'worked up' concerning public school system- don't read***
We MUST value education in this country more than we do (USA) because we are getting pin-holed into a 'system' way of thinking and teaching. It is a shame that in this country primary/middle/HS teaching really is viewed as a lower-type job with a 'just' a BA/BS degree. It's becoming outrageous- his point of 'education inflation' is real! The video shared is WHY we must stop and really think about our public school system.
There are many factors at play....but think back when you were in school- how many kids had to go to the nurses to get their medicine? There WAS more play time...more art....if not recess - PE everyday...you remember.. the 6 laps you had to run everyday even though you hated it! Not only good for the body, but good for the mind.

I am SO thankful coming from the San Diego Unified school district to the district in which I live (pay taxes), work for, and send my own children to...I see MANY MORE actual PROJECTS in each class (including high school) At work I know when it's time for the kids to turn in their cumbersome projects and then bring them home. I talk to the kids about what their projects are...they quickly tell me when a project is coming up. This reason for conversation is awesome! Both the middle and high school proudly shows the students ART in the hallways. When I take a restroom break between two of my schools I make sure to stop and notice...the creative juices are there! Art IS present in my children's schools and I'm thankful...as well as strong music programs. (marching band, concert band, dance teams, etc.) I once had a principal in San Diego stand in front of an assembly of parents/kids and say that the 5th grade band was not as important as the 'Just Right' reading program (if you don't know 3-4 words in a book then it's not a 'just right book for you....rarely do I say, but OMG!)..and for that year she said she will 'allow' the program, but had true reservations. My husband and I just looked at each other with disbelief! This is also a school that didn't do a lick of art or curriculum based projects. There was no time in the curriculum...just work-sheets and move on to the next task!

Unfortunately, until we revamp our way of 'paying' schools for their standardized test scores and, do I dare say, analyze each and every teacher......I know there are patterns that are very clear to administration. We KNOW who the strong teachers are in the field, but until we value this profession enough and the teachers that do a fabulous job, we will deal with mediocre public schools! Then the job-openings -schools with job openings that districts can't even PAY people to go to...and many times it's the new teachers that are bribed there by districts willing to pay off some of their college debt...not the true and tested teachers that know how to have class room management! I'm sure some teachers might resist the demand on 'proving themselves' or the intrusion, but if there is a blatant...within reason.. 'can't get the job done'...then it might not be the place for you- this is how real jobs work. I know bus drivers of the same children 'let go' for less! When the job applicant pool is low however...there is no healthy competition or 'cream of the crop' going on. We are dealing with the most important thing- teaching our children... if there are teachers with the thought that some kids can't be taught....well, again, this might not be the place for you. This is hard, difficult, and, perhaps, not politically correct stuff, but I think this is the only way to re-vamp our failing system. My order of thinking is garbled, but I think you get the ideas that spawned in me after listening to the above video. To support the 'creative way' is great, but with an unsupported system- that is what will need to be changed first.

I once attended a "Troops to Teachers" meeting in San Diego when I was really re-thinking of my own goals...and their was various city representatives and when the L.A. representative stood up he simply said, "We need teachers SO badly in some areas that if you want to become a teacher in our county we will send a limo to your door to get you" Now this was in jest (I think), but the need is SO bad in some districts.... but when there are teachers in LA schools with 47-50 students in a class and 4 buckets catching water leaks because the building is in such disrepair- not sure that even the best of teachers could put up with that.

This stuff is real. This stuff in is America. There is not a single answer to this problem- we can't throw money at the existing system- that is not the answer as history has proved, but I cannot help but think about the $341.4 million spent every day....never mind you know where I'm heading.
We just better be careful. We might want to listen to people like this in the above video and re-vamp some stuff!

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