Mar 26, 2008


Like long book shadows as the sun greeted this day...the round shadow of the valance mimicked the roundness of the book case.
Today I continued working on my daughter's crocheted cozy. Time for bead work! A very relaxing endeavor for today's day off.
What hides within?
'Lemon' my daughters mp3 player! (yes, my daughter names her doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?) She said Lemon approved of it's new cozy home!


zippiknits said...

What an introspective and serene beauty shot to start the day. Lovely!

Lemon has a very sweet beaded cozy. Good little Lemon.

This morning I tried to start the cover for Leggy, my Nano, but didn't get far. It's going to take more math because it's going to be felted. I fear felt. Felting has only been good to me when it was an accident. That's probably called "luck" rather than "good".

Deana said...

Hey girl, long time no see. I didn't realize I had missed so much here! You guys are busy bees. And I love the light in the first photo. Lighting really is everything in a photo isn't it?

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Anonymous said...

Love the cozy for Lemon. I like the purple to teal. They are comfy colors. I found your first picture a calming photo. Do not know if it is because of judt the shadows or the combo of shadows and Books. One of my loves. :)
Love Tracy

laurel said...

Your shadow picture is beautiful and the mp3 cozy is very cute. Love the color and the beads.

bookwoman said...

Great Lemon cozy! That'll be the most fashionable mp3 player on the block.

Anonymous said...

Are you feeling forgotten and abandoned? I'm terribly sorry. I haven't forgotten you - or your mittens.

Your Terribly Late Mitten Pal

Lilli said...

Hmm, I've been thinking about crochet and beads lately :)

Leah said...

love the beadwork on the bottom!