Apr 8, 2008

Our S-10 Blazer Honored

Even though most of our Spring Break was filled with pipes, drywall, & dust...we did have a nice day trip to Canyon City where we visited the Royal Gorge !

From buying this vehicle almost 12 years ago in Florida...I was feeding my three month old son his bottle in my arms as we signed the contract...to living near mountains. It has seen many sights and crossed the coast, but I think it's the happiest to see these views ;) She loves these little trips!
People can say nasty things about any make of vehicle, but when I see this (for the first time ever of a vehicle I've owned) THIS Chevy RULES!
Looking west towards the Sangre De Cristo mountain range.
Through my husbands travels in the Navy...it's a must to get a shot from underneath any bridge! (......you know as ships pass)
Oh, here is the baby I was talking about.... actually we are both FL babies ;)
Of course, the CA baby had to represen'! Of course, most every state plate we could have said something about.
By the way, since this is non-peak season...we pretty much had the bridge to ourselves. Although it was a nice day, on the bridge the wind was awful and it was CHILLY COLD!
...BUT your truly was on her hands and knees getting the picture she wanted the most!!!! (between the planks)
The quarter mile bridge..you can drive over it...that is when you can really feel the bridge go 'up and down'....it was cool!Look at that suspension!!!!


zippiknits said...

Thanks for the virtual vacation!

And two friends have Blazers that have taken them everywhere to dig rocks, I mean everywhere, over hill and dale and then some! I think the rockhounds have smaller blazers but they are tough little beasts.

Love those under the bridge and from the bridge shots. You drive across that bridge? eeeeee I've seen it - from a distance.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip, thanks for your kind and sensible words the other day.

Anonymous said...

I have to say still do not like heights.yet looks like you all had a great time. I chuckle at the milage pic. Such a reliable friend it has been eh?

vanessa said...

nice trip!
you'd never get me on that bridge ;-)

Regina said...

Love this post. Hubby & I were at the Royal Gorge, honeymooning 26 years ago. My parents went there on their honeymoon 55 years ago!

Deana said...

I had a Honda Accord that I drove to 115,000 and then traded for another Accord because that one had made it soooo long and so well. You know it has been a good vehicle when it makes it to the 100,000 mile point!

I love your pictures.

Sonia said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Love these photos!

Have a nice weekend!

Lilli said...

Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing your outing with us :)

ginny said...

Our original S-10 (circa 1990) was sold at almost 200,000 miles. It may still be going. It was mine, then my son's, then my daughter's, then my son's again. He sold to to some guy who resold it for more the very n ext day!
I own my 4th Blazer and I still love it. I have never had a repair on any of them ever.