Mar 24, 2008

After the Dust Settles

I think of these holes as if aliens have tried to beam us up through them! Far less than what we thought it was going to be! (yes, that is a zebra peeking in) The plumbers were absolutely great....very clean, put down plastic everywhere, efficient- I didn't even see them take a lunch break. Three people were able to get this job done between 9 and 4:40pm in one day!!!
Our home has brand new veins....our new PEX plumbing throughout. Today the city inspector (and he even had a uniform and blue cap on!) gave us the okay to cover it up...he said in 15 years he has yet to see any problems with this system "These pipes are bullet proof now" were his exact words. After 4-5 water pipes bursts/leaks this past year, talk about peace of mind! I have to admit it's also kind of nice to know I have little blue and red pipes behind the walls ..just like veins! ;} What color are your pipes? *JK*
My husband wasted NO time....he changed out the white 'brick' looking linoleum and started his bathroom project with some new tile! Not finished yet...I picked out a slighter darker grout and we had ball at H. Depot picking out all the new stuff! Will keep you posted on how this bathroom turns out!
..and THIS is what happens to a Pottery B. catalog that enters my house!
(Note: another one of my son's Lego projects- his ship made with toilet paper sails!)


Brahdelt said...

I love seeing houses being redecorated! Congratulations on your new plumbing! My pipes are greyish cream, no inspiration at all!... *^v^*

zippiknits said...

Wow, they were really fast and efficient. We have copper piping. It's only a problem when we try to find outside fittings that will work on that smaller diameter. When these houses were built, they had only one outside faucet in front and one in back. Not enough for a person who loves gardening! Best Wishes on the redecorating after the walls go back in. It should be lots of fun, really. That part's great.

Becky said...

It's kind of funny how the creative mind thinks. Who else would notice what colour their pipes were?
I'm curious. Are you ripping the favorite pages out of the PB mag for journal use? In the past year or so I've gone through almost every magazine I own,(a lot) and have torn out the pages I've decided were inspirational in one way or another. I've even done it to the magazines I thought I would never "deface". Now I'm SO glad I did.