Mar 10, 2008

I Need your opinions!

Welcome to a corner of my dining room that I'm not happy with.
It's functional right now because the cart in the corner is our 'homework center' (in-box, text books, ruler, writing materials, dictionary, and yes, you can see a lint-remover roller for the Golden hair that gets everywhere!!) I've decided to make a skirt for it to softer it's look in this room! The problem is I'm having a hard time deciding on fabric and the more I look the more I can't decide!

So, my creative thought is to go through my scrap basket and let the fabric 'try out', then take pictures of each, and then look at the pictures to see if I like any. I found out the longer I look at them within the same room, the more frustrated I get. I'm thinking if I view it from a screen I can look at it in a more subjective way!

So, my blog friends....go at it.... tell me what you really think- which one should I choose? or even suggest another color? Please don't be afraid to share your thoughts on this! Note: the small quilts on the rack are not going to be there long..I just haven't found the right place for them. Also, the first picture is the accurate light and color. I don't know what occured...maybe the sun came out brighter within the same minute.


Sue said...

I like the middle one, with the solid colors. (But I tend to avoid large prints, so take that with a grain of salt!)

However, if the solid fabric is too much "solid" next to the lovely hutch, I like the last one, with just the lighter pink accent over the large flower print.

Lilli said...

I would choose the darkest, plainest one so it disappears into the corner. Good luck!

Brahdelt said...

Taking into consideration your dark brown furniture I would choose the middle fabrics, without any patterns, they would give the room a very sophisticated look. *^v^*

Vik said...

I agree with the others! The dark plain color, the middle solid fabric. You already have decorations, and you want that corner not to be that noticed, just to save things.

Rebekah said...

Oh wish I could help, but I'm absolutely lousy at things like that. I make my husband pick out all those kinds of things!

Jeanne said...

The solid colors wouldn't compete with the pattern of the quilts, Of course you said the quilts aren't staying there for long. Also the solid colors give a more contemporary look and the florals are more cottagey.