Mar 11, 2008

A Year!

Thanks for all the great opinions and keep them coming! I just realized my first picture could be enlarged, but the others could not...I have no clue why. Anyway....

March today

March 2007

It's such a beautiful day outside just like when we closed on our place last year! I can't believe it's been a YEAR!....but too bad ships can't pull into Colorado. As much as I wish I could say I miss it...I don't, but my husband's schedule here is almost harder than when he was on a ship. At least when the ship was home he was HOME with lots of free time.

Remembering San Diego (this is for you N (my daughter)

The real fleet Navy Chiefs (my husband is center kneeling)

My husbands ship 'pulling up for a little gas' ;)

(hate to pull out my bank card for that one!)

For him now on shore command-pulling up into the same parking spot and walking into an office that doesn't move is a little different...he misses the above. I can's a very bittersweet thing.

I leave you something that was filmed on an aircraft carrier...for all the troops out there!


Brahdelt said...

I love water in any form, especially the sea! Why didn't I join the Navy? I have no clue. *^v^*
I sent you your package full of collage papers today! ^^

LeenaM said...

Thank you so much for your visit Finland :)) and your kind comment too.
We are sending, Kiki ( our Golden Retriever 6 years ) and I , warm greetings from the middle of snow to all of you.
I enjoy about blue sea photos, our views have been mostly grey because of thick clouds, but soon also here is a spring.

Nice week to you!

Tracy Lee said...

Oh how I miss this sometimes. I think just with my grandfather,my dad and J all being in the navy its still a part of me. I love watching the Submarines come home. Its sad to see them go. But oh how fun to see them arrive home. When you come to visit i will bring you to the Sub museum, and bring you to the Sub memorial for WWII.I will have to see if they have a web page or not? Have a good day. L-ya.

Deana said...

I always enjoy your military pictures since I know so little about our forces sadley. I have several corners in my house that I dislike too and I hope by summer's end I have them fixed the way I want them. And I loved your field trip photos!