Mar 8, 2008

Betsy Goes on a Fieldtrip!

My bus (some of my middle school kids have named her Betsy) was SO excited to get to go on a Fieldtrip! You see, as a regular route driver, the relief and trip drivers usually get first dibs and I usually don't have the time to fit anything inbetween my a.m. & p.m.- but this time I did!

I made sure she was nice and clean...don't you love the shine?
Where were we going?The US Olympic Training Center right here in Colorado Springs!!!
I will have more pictures next week because I'm coming back..this time with my son's class! He's really excited Mom will drive them there! I'm so glad I had the time between routes.

{Mittens Update: I'm behind...between longer hours at work (resulting in me being wiped out at night) to a cracked pipe (among 4 other times..thankgoodness all times we were home!) and researching plumbers...looks like we need to do a re-piping of these '80 pipes that had tons of lawsuits...those poly pipes. So, Secret Pal, I promise to get it completed even if it's around the 'due' date I have


Lilli said...

A field trip: what fun! Yes, she does look shiny :)

Good luck with the mittens!

zippiknits said...

Betsy is sunshiny beautiful. Congrats on getting to drive both field trips. And you will get back to those mittens in due time.

Oh those Poly pipes! I'd forgotten about that. What the heck were they (builders) thinking? And in such a cold winter climate? Silly, people. Good luck finding the right man for the job, too.

Mary said...

PJ, I wish I were taking a ride on Betsy to the training center! Sounds fabulous! Let's see more, please :o)

Anonymous said...

Betsy looks so nice! I look forward to seeing the pics of T field trip.That must be something to see.Hope you have a fun time.

Apple said...

Betsey is a much better name than mine has - it's been dubbed Leaky. The guys can't quite seem to seal up the rear hatch. Middle of the day charters are the best and I love to see them all clean and shiny.