Feb 4, 2008


I just love how her fuzzy paws were hanging on to the stair.
Mitten progress! I'm suprising myself and I'm liking the 'in the round' more and more as I go....it really isn't bad. As with anything, you just have to get the motion of it. I did make an isty mistake that I made up on the next row...I don't think it's going to be noticeble.
Just need to watch my tension throughout!
So, Nugget is smitten with the mitten!

As promised I'm honored that I make your day and obvisously if you are reading you are making mine :) ALL of mine on my bloglines make my day...or I wouldn't be reading them, but I will highlight some that may be new to you!

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  2. Mary's View
  3. All Norah's Art
  4. Willow House
  5. Miss Wooly Knits (this blog makes me smile...it's interesting that she doesn't 'do' comments...)

Housekeeping: I went to moderating my comments (because of some spam comments) back to having my comments emailed to me...most are NOT being mailed to me now, so I'm having to read my blog comment section. I just noticed this and am trying to answer most of my comments! Also, the spell check isn't working! ALSO.....where in the world did our KNIT THE CLASSICS go?? If anyone has some insight on these problems...email me!

What's on my mind: Is the last bird in a migratory flight pattern a weaker one? Also, thinking of Glass and Creative Everyday.


Lisa said...

She is very beautiful!

Leah said...

what a sweet looking doggy!

and that mitten is looking fabulous. i can see why your pup would be smitten. :-)

Katie, a dyer at Yarn Love said...

I'm smitten with the mittens! Gorgeous work!

DM said...

I love your school bus banner! And such great pictures as usual.

Deana said...

Nugget does look perplexed, that is so cute!

Kate said...


Thank you for the award, what a nice surprise that was. Your mittens look great.


Sonia said...

Nugget is soooo lovely!

Beautiful mitten!

barb michelen said...
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Mary said...

Hi PJ! I thank you for visiting because it led me you to wonderful, Golden blog. Your Nugget is a beauty. Love the dogs. And you drive a school bus. I look forward to hearing more about that. I high-five school bus drivers (well, I used to when my daughter rode them).

I'll be back!

Takako said...

Thank, PJ, for visiting my blog!
Oh boy, Nugget is such a lovely dog! Your mitten looks nice and I love the color combo. I used to knit a lot and quit for a while. I guess this is about time to start again! Thanks your inspiration for me!!

Takako said...

I forgot to tell you about my "sewing sitters". I got them from this link.


They are now on sale and alomst $5 a set.

Anne said...

Those mittens are coming along nicely!

And from my husband, the ornithologist, he says no, it isn't necessarily a weaker one (although it can be in certain circumstances). They switch places within the flight pattern to take a break, so it may actually be one that was leading the pack, and now moved to the back to take advantage of less wind resistance back there for a bit of a breather. Maybe more than you wanted to know.....

Anonymous said...

Be careful driving the bus - it's snowy and icy here. Your mittens were giving me a hard time, but all is well now. They are nearing completion. Good thing our hands are different sizes - I can't keep these for myself!

Your Mitten swap partner