Feb 19, 2008

NOT an Illusion

Flower from last summer.

Last year's rose.

A very soundly sleeping Nugget
(These were the pictures I changed in my last post)

My son suggested a lego invention once a week- I forgot what he said it was...urg-bad mom I'll let you know later. ...and a finished MITTEN!! I have to admit the first time thumb was hard for me, but I think it came out ok...a minor color error (two stiches) on the other side at the base of thumb, but I think it came out quite ok!
Tension issue down the middle, but for my very first - I hope my secret pal will just overlook that and enjoy the warmth :)


Lilli said...

Congrats on the mitten! I've never made one, so I'm VERY impressed :)

Sonia said...

Your mitten looks very warm!

LOVE the face of Nugget! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the mitten. I enjoy the colors you picked.I love roses can not wait for the weather to turn warm again to see them in gardens. Thank you for the beauty you shared. ...Tracy

Anonymous said...

Hey T,
Really liked your lego creation. V likes to make things with them also. They are often on the floor in the living room. I look forward to seeing more of your creations. ... Tracy