Feb 21, 2008

oh, gawd....

This would be a drivers worse nightmare (click on video, too)...prayers and thoughts for the families. The average is 12 deaths per year for the total number buses every year in this country. Our goal is ZERO. I've had about 30 cars run my stop-arm so far...4 last week and this morning a woman slid to a stop at the last moment seeing the bus. I could see in her face she was sorry, but absolutely -did not- see me before that. Many have ran my stop- arm while too involved in their conversation. The other half just can't stand the one minute to wait behind me and just rudely comes around....ONE MINUTE one minute in a childs life! Are we in that big of hurry to disregard the obvisous.... that many children cross over the road? As car drivers, let's all start paying attention a little bit better. I truly feel people need to hang up and drive.

I know I'm probably preaching to the choir...but thanks for hearing me out because it really makes me frustrated. Then to think about 65 other buses having the same issue...ok, lets cut the stop-arm violations to half of mine....65x say ..15= 715 incidences like this....times number of districts- times number of states....nevermind..I think you get the picture.
I know this accident above was not a stop-arm violation, but I guess it just reminds us to be a little more careful while we are on these roads with different size vehicles. As awful as it sounds...we are trained to never swerve...whether it's a vehicle or an animal, if it comes into the lane it is safer for the children aboard to hit it without serving- a bus does not handle well in a swerve or a curve. I'm not sure I'd recover after such an accident as above, but that is the responsibility we take.


Mary said...

PJ, great post. I did not know you are trained not to swerve but it makes sense.

I'm also surprised (well not really) that drivers run your stop-arm! They are either drunk or blind to miss a school bus. OR, they are yapping on the CELL PHONE. I saw an accident two weeks ago between two ladies in vans - both of them had a cell phone to their ear and I wanted to jump out of my car and yell, "stay off the phone!"

zippiknits said...

Yes, I agree. Motorists should STAY OFF of their cell phones (!!), and know exactly what is expected of them when approaching a school bus stopped by the side of the road with flashing lights!

I think too few people are watching what they are doing while driving, focused elsewhere. What a tragic chain of events.