Jan 21, 2008

It's More than a Day Off...

Dr. Martin Luther King
Nobel Peace Prize 1964
His final resting place...
I was taken back on Friday after exclaimed, "Have a good long weekend-see 'ya Tuesday" at every stop, an elementary child talking to one of her friends going off the bus "...oh, yeah, long weekend, I don't even know why it is?" After I made it home, I asked my middle school son and high school daughter....did they[school] discussed anything about it. "Nope."
A colorblind state it always feels like (compared to other states we have lived in), but gee, just a little contemplation?....I'm just saying.
It is snowing today...that gentle, big-flake type that accumulates quickly.
They are keeping up with it!
I am doing ART today...continuing on my journal pages, drinking coffee, and listening to music videos. I was sadden today to find out that Dan Fogelberg had passed away just this last December of prostate cancer. I loved the High Country Snows album- his tour in Colorado. I'm very versatile in music....I can go from listening to Chris Brown (although I wouldn't allow my kids to flip on top of the school bus....hahaha! you have to watch the entire video to see what I mean!) to OneRepublic to even a touch of blue-grass!
To top this day...bread pudding!


Lilli said...

Ooh! Save me some bread pudding? Watcha got in there: raisins? Maybe a little cinnamon?

Good for you for giving some attention to Dr.King. What a force of Nature, such wisdom :)

Sonia said...

Martin Luther King was remembered on many Brazilians TV News yesterday!

Love the snow's photos!

Deana said...

My little niece spent the day with me and had no idea why she was out of school.

I love bread pudding and I like Chris Brown too. Like you I am versatile!

Cathy said...

I loved the history of the Denver marade - thanks to the hard work of Wilma Webb (wife of Denver's first black mayor).

When I lived in SW MO - lots of anger about MLK day. This is a much better place and time.

zippiknits said...

Martin Luther King Day is remembered at our house, too. We both know exactly where we were when the radio announced what had happened.

I wish that holidays were really on the day of remembrance instead of being moved around on a whim every year. No one would forget the date.

Your teapots behind the bread pudding are so sweet. :O) The pudding looks Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Your teapots behind the bread pudding are quite lovely!

Your Mitten Knitter!