Jan 23, 2008

Do Not Adjust Your Screen

Another 'cute one'
More Pandas!
This is my son's invention of a garbage truck-not from a lego kit just all his random pieces! As you can see the technician is maneuvering one of those automatic things that pick up the trash cans-it actually works. (he's 11)
Mr. Lizard likes smelling flowers!
My desk. (I think that is what is under all that stuff!)

Ok, so I was taking my son to an ortho appointment during lunch time, and we go to W*ndy's (I tried the new turkey Freschetta...or whatever-it was good)..and while we are throwing our trash away I see a woman by herself with her meal reading a Louis L'Amour book! I just wanted to jump over the table, slide through her fries, rip the book out of her hand, and go running out of the restaurant! sorry..something like that.

You may or may not know, depending if you ever looked at my profile, that I collect those books! I'm down to only needing to find about 10 of them! I could go to some online store and buy them, but I have taken many years scouring used bookstores/library sales. Searching for my treasure is half the fun! SO, having saying that....if you are interested in helping me with my search and/or collection just let me know! Thanks!


jennhx said...

I love the bright yellow! So cool! (i've been reading on Bloglines so I may have missed the switch if you did it a while ago...).

The lego trash technician is so awesome. Legos are so fun and creative. My hubby agreed to get his old lego sets from his parents' attic so we can play with them ourselves. I can't wait!

And boy, your desk looks down right NEAT compared to mine right now.

Sonia said...

Love to seeing your desk and those little buses!

Soooo cute Mr. Lizard!

Wow! Love your banner/header with those yellow buses!

Vik said...

Nice to meet your desk!