Jan 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

Snail Spirals nominated me for this award...and that made MY day! I will have my list of 10 blogs that make my day tomorrow as I only have a brief moment this midday before I'm back to hauling around little ones (some big) for the afternoon!


This is how most vehicles look for the most of the winter in Colorado!


I absolutely love my Blazer. They don't make these anymore and I don't like the TrailBlazer (nor the price!) My baby is turning 12 this year!!! Doesn't it still look like it came off the showroom floor? It only had like 45 miles on it when we got it...my son was sipping milk in my arms at only about 2-3 months. I get very attached to my vehicles. My husband is dropping hints that it is about time to get another, but I just resist. Who the heck wants a car payment...and have you really seen those crossover/suv prices?? The plan is that our daughter gets this one and then it would have to be a must for me to get another *sniff*...until then -I'm driving it into the ground and I continue to resist!!!! ...no, my husband doesn't read my blog...not because he doesn't want to...just not a 'blog' person....more like stuck on the Navy sites he has to deal with at home and office for the recruits going through Denver and let us not forget the PGA updates... but yesterday was funny -I was gathering the newspaper and there was one on the couch and I thought, "Gee, don't want newsprint rubbing on the couch" So, I gathered it all up for the recycle bin and he comes in the room and says, "Gee, you just can't even catch a hint!?" I said, "What hint?" He is like, "The CAR sales ad with the vehicles that you like." -noooo- I was more interested not having newsprint on the couch!!!!

Anyway, after my son and I washed my beloved Blazer, we noticed a flock across from the wash bay. Later, that day it was even warm enough to work on my afghan OUTSIDE!
I've also been requested for sharing 10 different type things I've done in my life that others may not know. I'm going to have to think on this- let me try 5 things right now.

  1. Well, I drive a 40ft. school bus....kind of an odd thing to do.
  2. I have taken the long bus ride in Mt. McKinley's State Park in Alaska-(you can't drive into the park)....saw a caribou and about 4 bears...didn't see our nations tallest mountain as it was in the clouds
  3. Have taken a three day Amtrek train trip!
  4. I have worked in many different dental departments in the Navy...my favorite was oral surgery.
  5. I have been an accounting tutor at a college. Also, helped people in the computer lab, too.


Rebekah said...

It was so warm around here this weekend, which was a good thing considering our furnace died Friday night, that everyone was washing their cars too.

There is a huge flock of geese right now living on the grounds of the St. Louis arch, since my office building overlooks the grounds of the Arch I am enjoying watching their daily shenanigans.

Cathy said...

I was pleased to see you were given the award by Sue - there are lots of good blogs out there - always tough to just choose 10.

Brahdelt said...

I am very sentimental about my cars, too. I used to own a Ford Scorpio, the most beautiful car in the world! *^v^*, and then it was old and faulty and we had to buy a new one, but when it was taken away I was crying and it started to rain, and I was standing in the street in tears, washed down with raindrops... *^v^*

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your well deserved award.