Jan 9, 2008

Funny news and not so funny...

Let me introduce our first 2008 FO's !!
First one, made by my daughter (her idea for background), is a softie named Bad Guy. Second one, that yours truly made, is named Kidnapper. Aren't they just the CUTEST bad guys?? For Christmas I bought my daughter this book! More to come!

I have to tell you something funny I did. I had two of those annoying comments left on my blog trying to sell something with a web-site....you know the type. SO, my bright idea was to turn the comment moderation on. Great! Then, day after day I never received any comments. I honestly thought that some of my readers had gone through their Bloglines after the new year and just dismissed Golden Oasis from their list. I didn't get any comments. I thought I wasn't loved anymore. OK, someone slap the back of my head....you have to go-to-the-blogger-site-showing-your-blog and ......MODERATE!!! DUH, I thought they would still be e-mailed to me....so there were all my loyal little comments all bundled up trying to stay warm waiting to be published. Sorry about that guys and THANK YOU for your comments!!!! Thanks C for bringing that to my attention that your comment never posted.

So, I'm driving my morning route this morning and going down a steep icy snow packed road v-e-r-y slowly, so I could stop at the stop sign that is at the bottom of it. As I am about to do so a 4x4 truck behind that quickly appeared behind me is trying to stop, but I see it just sliding. It all happened very slowly for me proving I was anticipating. Seeing this- I stop at the stop sign for only a very brief moment (it is suppose to be for as long as you can spell s-t-o-p!) and I decided I better get out of the way before he slides right into (or under) me!! Close call, yet very under control and way to go for 'mirror checks'-they really are so very important. I'm sure that truck was very glad I continued on, too.

Well, I've munched on WAY TOO MANY (three) Nestle Crunch Bells that were here on my desk I better go....here's to a great afternoon my dear readers!


Hanna said...

funny backgrounds, both looks very bad - but cute! ;-)

MarĂ­a Elena said...

From chile thanks for visit me, I accomodate the photos to allow expanded.

zippiknits said...

Oh my! no comments showing up is horrid! But, there is relief. You CAN set your blogline to send you notifications in email. That way you will know. But someone told you already.. HOkay... hehe

The line up is very cute. My favorite movie line up of all times was in "The Santa Clause".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. happy to know you~!!
I love your "BAD GUYS". So adorable!! I can't wait to see your more "Guys"!

Anonymous said...

I remember my driving instructor and her litany of "mirror, signal maneovre", over and over again she kept saying that, sometimes I uded to think she must say it in her sleep!

Lilli said...

Thanks for your lovely warm comment about kids, sharing your own experience. This is all new to me and I find it fascinating.

The same thing happened to me yesterday at a stop light! I was able to stop in time at the yellow light, but it caught the mini-van driver behind me by surprise. I saw his problem and I rolled into the intersection just enough for him to not hit me. Whew!

Deana said...

The Bad Guys are too cute, and those Crunch balls are irresistable.