Dec 7, 2007

A List

This time of year we have many lists, however, this is the list I'm thinking about:

  • You just have to go in and SEE!

  • Although many patterns are planned...I have not ONE in the process right now-well, there is one-those afghan squares! I finished two books this week. I'm finishing reading my November magazines. This break is giving me a freedom feeling for my creative thoughts.
  • Some creative thoughts - an altered butterfly journal, a multicolored knitted vest, a knitted hat for myself, a crocheted well as some thread crochet work-pin cushion and a doily....
  • I just love her look how many she made!
  • I found this advent calendar in one of my favorite blogs!
  • ....and more golden YELLOW for 'ya!
  • I'm thinking of starting the year out with a new blog look!

Right now it's 28 degrees and very foggy....hopefully, the kiddies will see their bus this afternoon at their school ;} I have left you with some September pictures!

1 comment:

Mirre said...

You're so cool driving a bus through all that nasty weather!

(btw, I couldn't read all of your post because of the bookshelf...)