Nov 26, 2007

The Past Turkey Day

" Nugget, meet Turkey." "Turkey, meet bird dog." I'm sure she is wondering where the feathers are...or better yet how she can get her teeth around it!
Thanksgiving visitor! (This is on my parents property-a Mule Deer)
The Aftermath!
Busy work completed! A wipe for the kitchen & one of my shelf lace!
Another scarf completed!If my dear readers can recall...I was working on crochet squares. Finally, another one complete.
It was a productive weekend for me. Of course, it left me with a chest cold. Time for a very hot shower and a warm beverage! Until next time...toodles!


Jeanne said...

Looks like Nugget is keeping a good eye on that turkey. Our cat did the same thing. What beautiful project you have been working on. The shelf lace looks gorgeous. But how can you wipe dishes with such a pretty piece of you work?

tracy said...

Looks like you have been keeping busy. Love the pic of Nugget. I think both Gandalf and Max,also mom and dads dog Sky just stayed under foot hopeing for some of the bird. So who made the sandwich face? Take care.

Sonia said...

So funny seeing Nugget looking to the turkey! Lol! So lovely you can see a deer on your parent's yard!

Deana said...

Those are all great. Glad you enjoyed your holiday. Those deer seem much bigger than our white tails!

Rebekah - knit Knack said...

What a beautiful deer.

And Nugget looks like he's being tortured having to be sooooo good with a yummy turkey right there taunting him!

tracylovespink said...

oh girl!! I love your pictures...what a sweet pup. Love the crochet too! I've been working on the same afghan for day!

Leena said...

Greetings from Finland! And thank you for your comment. I have continued publishing in URL:

I love especially your landscape photos because of those mountains after wide views, so different compared with our scenes. We have small hills, forests and forests with lakes and rivers.

Nice Christmas waiting to you!