Oct 2, 2007


Walked Nugget last night...it was nice that my husband thought to join me! Like I've said before, this is a challenge and I don't catch every day, but what I've done is more than I've done in the past, so that makes me feel good!
This is what I'm working on for next time! Hint: I didn't do this! My daughter was working on her altered book for 3D Art course and I kind of 'slipped' mine in and told her to make a surface for me of 'whatever'! Cool!
I think I forgot to share some Pueblo Colorado State Fair pictures...I love this butterfly tatting project!
This was my favorite quilt hanging ...thought it was kind of odd how they would hang that close to a light, but anyway... we are enduring a windy day...it's crystal clear blue skies because of it, but Fall is definitely


melanie said...

Well done PJ,

carolyn said...

Good luck with the 21 day challenge I'll check in to see how your getting on!

Jeanne said...

Nugget looks divine all dressed up in victorian garb! I'm sure that brushing made her feel like a million bucks!

Vik said...

Hello dear Paula! I came to visit the Golden Oasis, and I found many news! Hugs to Nugget!

Renee said...

Love your challenge pages so far!