Oct 5, 2007

A Day at MY Office

Please come to work with me!The urban crawl on steroids...a few weeks ago it was a two lane country road with antelope herds grazing.
I always enjoy these horses every morning and afternoon x 2. (all pics are clickable) This is near Falcon east of Colorado Springs.
We're here! Much bigger establishment than it shows...of course, I'm taking these pictures WHILE I'm driving, so I'm trying to be covert about it!

By the way, this is afternoon as morning is getting darker every day. Gorgeous sunrises on the plains! After I pre-inspect the bus inside & out (yes, I check transmission fluid among other things every day- twice a day), I 'line up' with the buses that will leave together to our middle school. I cherish these few minutes!
I always park along the side where I can listen to the horses munching away.

IT REALLY DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! I feel like the luckiest person driving around looking at this all day...and getting paid for it! It feels surreal at times!
Ah, a quiet bus..... not for long!
6 miles later we are back into the 'city' driving to the middle school for pick up. The neighborhoods on both sides of this street are where I deliver the kiddos safely. (for three schools a.m. & p.m. each)

It feels like a well choreographed dance fitting these buses in and out of this school lot and in exact order every day. There are about three more behind me.

I would have loved to take an ending picture of a FULL bus, but because of privacy reasons I couldn't have taken pictures at this point! Some drivers dread afternoons, but for me 60 or so middle school kids in the back is the most energizing thing that could happen. All I really have to say on the PA is "ladies and gentleman -have a seat- we are about to go" As a beep my horn twice (a rule at all schools) and pull out after the bus on my right...things settle down a bit and off we go- I feel the excitement of 'schools out'! I actually find the elementary school kiddos to be a bit more of a challenge. I counted one afternoon I transported 161 kids from 2:52pm to about 4pm. Of course, that is more or less the same in the morning hours as well. Very energizing!

So, anyway .....I will be 'out of my office' for two weeks for the 'Fall Break'. Nice time to relax, reflect, & renew!


Sue said...

Thanks for the tour!

Sonia said...

What a great tour! Amazing job, Paula! Love seeing your landscape! Bela paisagem! (in Portuguese)

Have a nice "Fall Break"!!!

melanie said...

Great photos, Have a Lovely break.

vanessa said...

oh,i am so happy you love your new job :-)

Lilli said...

Thanks so much for sharing this with us! I never would have been able to guess what goes on 'behind the scenes' :)

Vik said...

I like your office very much!