Sep 27, 2007

Good bye Harvest Moon

This morning my son took a picture of the moon over his school! (around 7am the moon was setting....I was already on my route)
The continuation of my {21 Day Challenge} click to see the gold!

I have to admit it feels great walking with was a good morning...a little rough with one school as they were fussing at each other as kids were sitting in their seat at a bus I'm blasting the horn to get YET ANOTHER person to STOP at my bus stop sign!!!! after red lights are blinking brightly and the stop arm (stop sign) is out.....yet people are in their own little world or in their own little conversations on their cell phone to bother even stopping. These 'almost runners' happen WEEKLY! Get a grip people..... HANG UP AND DRIVE.

ANYWAY, yes my Challenge is SO good for my soul. Nugget is so content when she comes back.....laying outside listening to the birds.


Jeanne said...

I'm glad you are continuing on with the challenge. I love how you explained why you've missed some days in the journal. Nugget and you are doing great!

Sonia said...

Love the photo taken by your son! Congratulations to him!

Rhonna said...

This is so are doing such a fab job & I just LOVE seeing your work!!!!!
WTG..keep it up!

DM said...

Your son is getting your gift for photography. That's great to share. The school bus jerks amaze me. It's a very quick way to get a huge ticket here but we're in a pretty tight geographic area. If your route is more spread out I guess it's not possible. I worry about how it will be for you in winter. Icy roads make it harder to stop. Thank God the kids have you.

vanessa said...

your son's photograph is wonderful!

Deana said...

Anything good for the soul is nice to hear about!

Lorette said...

I love your challenge journal, and your challenge! Walking your dog every day is very admirable, and I bet your pup LOVES it!