Oct 22, 2007

First Snow

It was a comforting feeling yesterday....gentle snow off and on all day- only received 2" , heater on inside the house, knitting while watching Fiddler On the Roof.
This was the Eeyore looking day a couple of days ago. A first glimpse of the mountains after the dreary look-at this point that was the first covering of the mountain.
Today's morning view- so clear I can see all the way down to the Spanish Peaks! (C may know what I'm talking about) Kids are back to school after our two week Fall Break which means....back to work for me. The difference of two weeks in the equinox made for a very bitter dark morning inspecting the bus this morning...burrrrr...actually, it was a relief not to drive with the sun coming up during the first hour! Kids were good-half asleep and half not wanting this day to come. If they only knew how excited I was!! They will snap out of it by this afternoon I'm sure!


carolyn said...

First snow oh my goodness.

Anne said...

Beautiful pictures. We had some snow here in SLC too over the weekend and much much colder temps.

Rebekah said...

I'm so jealous! I want snow!

Lilli said...

Snow! Yer kiddin'me! It's only October! I guess that's a Colorado thang.

We usually don't get snow in Vancouver because the winds off the Pacific ocean keep the city too warm. Sometimes we get a week of snow.

Enjoy some for me :)

Deana said...

Oh my goodness, snow??? I don't think we will ever see snow in Southern Virginia again. It is still in the 80s mostly.

Paula said...

Still much too warm for snow here. We have very un-seasonable temperatures of over 25°C on Monday... today is more seasonable at 10°C. Lovely mountain views.

Tracy said...

Wow snow! Today was in the high 60s . Did wonderful things for the hair:) WIth the pictures you put up I think I live in the wrong state. What beauty you have around you. with love,

DM said...

I've wished so many times that you could just live down the street from me. We would shop for great yarn deals and plan all kinds of fun. But, I can't do the mountains or the snow. These are things that scare me to death. So, could you ever convert to tropical??????

Be safe in your bus with your kids. Once again, I'm so grateful it's someone like you watching after these guys.