Oct 20, 2007

Books & Books

I have a few posts up my sleeve, but just had to ponder some things and rip myself away from the latest craze!!! I added my 'shelf' to my blog if you would like to go there and set up your own! I'm a very visual person and to see all these books on friends shelves just really gets my addiction swirling!

Seems like moons ago, but my blog friend tagged me on a very thought provoking meme. If your inclined to add to your blog I would love to see your responses!

Hardcover or paperback- I would say paperback..I like the 'new' type of paperback out there...you know the type-about the size of a hardback, but with smooth or rough paper with titles/sections that are embossed...yes, I FEEL my books.

If I were to own a book shop, I would call it? ...seems stale, but 'Once Upon a Time'

My favorite quot from a book (mention title) is... I love the quotes from Louis L'Amour..you will be in a middle of a stories, shootout, search and all of a sudden there is something that really hits you-something worth underlining... for instance, the latest one I read, ' The Bible, of course, for aside from religion there is much to be learned of men and their ways in the Bible. It is also a source of comments made of references and figures of speech. No man could consider himself educated without some knowledge of it.'

The author (alive or deceased) I would love to have lunch with would be... without a doubt Charles Dickens! (in a cafe in his country, of course)

If I was going to a deserted island & could bring one book it would be.... this one is hard because I could get a lot of reading finished! I have never finished the Canterbury Tales, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, War & Peace, or the whole set of my LL books.....but I guess if I was leaving tomorrow I would grab......drum roll.....The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.

I would love someone to invent a bookish gadget that...make people around me disappear and supply nature sounds. sorry..that is the first thing that came to mind..I really do need it quiet while reading.

Smell of old books reminds me.....of the soul of the book and where it has been. Smells of textbooks somehow are my favorite...and yes, I DO smell every book I have in my hands!

If I could be a lead character in a book (mention title) it would be... I agree with Cathy's thought of being Nancy Drew...I'd also like to be the boy in 'On My Side of the Mountain', too!

The most overestimated book of all times is.... I know there will be people that will gasp and disagree with me, so I will say this is a whisper (because I do respect other people's opinions) The Da Vinci Code

I hate it when a book.... just doesn't get my attention after about 70 pages.

Now for the nagging tagging part...... I'd would love to read your responses! I usually hit people that are already tagged since I've noticed we all pretty much have the same blog friends, so I'm just going to let you decide! After all...I'm NICE. Thank you so much Cathy for nominating me for the NICE MATTERS AWARD and I will definitely carry this nomination on by sharing who I think is NICE...stay tuned!
I just realized I don't have a picture on this post. Do you think I need a picture? Somehow I always have problems getting through posts on blogs that don't have a picture of some sort...so I will add one ;)


Cathy said...

One of my on-line friends and I agreed we love "My Side of the Mtn". A few months later, out of the blue, she sent me the sequel to it. Love it.

Fun reading your responses to the meme.

carolyn said...

70 pages good grief a book has to grab me on the first page.

Deana said...

I want to steal this meme...one of the few I would actually like. It was nice finding out new stuff about you!